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A good friend (one of Australia's greatest yachtsman) typed this on Facebook today regarding a photo from past years. It is lovely to receive compliments.
"With Mark McRae from Albany 2 years ago. Yes, time does fly. Mark is a 'Cape Horner' and an all round complete package sailor/seaman.
Second only to Jon Sanders in miles of cross ocean sailing and seamanship. I have the privilege of knowing them both.
If there was a WA Sailing Hall Of Fame - Mark McRae fully deserves to be in it.
On top of all of the above - it's second nature to him to help people. I know only too well how generous he is and the extent he'll go out of his way to help people.
He's what you call - "A bloody good bloke!"
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6 days ago


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What a testimonial to your skills and humanity. Congratulations.

So true!

Bravo Mark😊

Agreed ...


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Another happy client. Adelaide to Esperance delivery.

As the owner of the boat that was delivered, thanks so much Mark for getting Satori to Esperance safe and sound. Professional service in every aspect. I can thoroughly recommend his services, and if anyone is looking for a delivery skipper look no further. PM me for any references or questions you might have. Well done Mark and Martin.👏👏👏
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3 weeks ago

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